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FIXTURE TECH Solutions develops highly flexible fixtures, economical loading systems, automated mobile robots and easy-to-use fixture kits that help you to optimize your processes in industrial production and manufacturing. Sustainable premium quality for your specific application is always the focus of our advice and solutions.
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The CARFIT system is a modular fixture system for the design and manufacture of measuring devices, test gauges and suitable fixtures for quality assurance, primarily in the automotive and aerospace industries. Thanks to its modular design, it is also suitable for any other industrial need to keep components precise, stable and reproducible.

Standardized and extremely versatile

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Our well-known Meisterbock is a complex aluminum framework on which parts or even the entire vehicle are built in the pre-series phase in order to be able to assess the interaction of parts from different suppliers in terms of appearance, feel, gap dimensions and accuracy of fit. It ensures the highest quality at very early stages of the process and is indeed a "masterpiece" of engineering in the field of jigs and fixtures.

Sturdy frame and excellent accessibility

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Loading systems

Loading systems from FIXTURE TECH improve throughput, reliability and ergonomics in any industrial loading process. The versatile systems have a modular design - the components can be individually selected to optimize machine loading.

Time-saving, automated, virtually error-free loading systems

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Hard shell, light core - base and perforated grid plates in variable dimensions with adapted grids and accessory options are the basis for a wide range of measuring processes: for fixtures in vehicle position, vertical master blocks and for right/left fixtures with perforated grids on both sides. What are your requirements for the base?

Stable base with grid for your fastening task
Perforated grid plates

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The intelligent, automated robot eMOBEE transports components efficiently from A to B and intelligently supports loading processes in any industrial environment. Its omnidirectional driving capabilities enable maneuverable and precise steering even in the tightest of spaces. With customizable configurations, this mobile robot plate revolutionizes the way parts are transported, placed and held with ease and comfort.

Precise positioning, easy integration, customizable design

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Use cases for innovative brands

DRÄXLMAIER, a guarantor of quality for high-quality interior components for many major automobile manufacturers, has been working intensively with FIXTURE TECH for several decades in the field of measurement recordings. In addition to the close cooperation, FIXTURE TECH's global experience plays a key role for the interior supplier when placing orders.
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AUDI customer
From a long-standing partnership with the traditional German brand AUDI, ground-breaking innovations have ultimately resulted in many standards in the field of fixture technology, which have since become part of the permanent component repertoire for car manufacturers worldwide. The latest development for the quality group: the resource-saving Multi Fixture, which impresses with its simplicity and clever flexibility.
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