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DRÄXLMAIER, a guarantor of quality for high-quality interior components for many major automobile manufacturers, has been working intensively with FIXTURE TECH for several decades in the field of measurement recordings. In addition to the close cooperation, FIXTURE TECH's global experience plays a key role for the interior supplier when placing orders.

Delivery of 70 customized automotive parts to 3 continents in 5 months

70 individual fixtures for plastic interior parts for a Bavarian automotive brand, planned, designed, produced and delivered within 5 months at 3 locations on 3 different continents - USA, South Africa, China - that was the challenge of an extensive order this spring. The sight of the final complete assembly in the measuring room during the on-site acceptance test gives an idea of the logistical masterpiece that the automotive supplier appreciates so much about FIXTURE TECH.

Definition of customer-oriented standards for automotive quality assurance at Dräxlmaier

The customer's specific needs are always the focus of development. In the past, too, many FIXTURE TECH projects have ultimately been defined as the standard for Dräxlmaier's fixture portfolio. A valuable advantage! Because when it comes to quality assurance in the automotive sector, every step saved helps to reduce time and therefore costs.
"We already enjoyed planning our fixtures 20 years ago with the former "JUNKER & PARTNER GmbH". For us, FIXTURE TECH is the only provider in the industry that can handle such individual and at the same time large-scale projects reliably worldwide. In addition, the cooperation is always extremely collegial and really pleasant: we really appreciate that, even on a personal level."
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