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Revolutionize your loading processes

Precise positioning, easy integration, customizable

The intelligent eMOBEE robot transports components efficiently from A to B and intelligently supports the loading processes in any industrial environment.


With eMOBEE® from FIXTURE TECH, the individual components attached to the honeycomb mesh panel can be transported from the production line to the measuring laboratory or even to a specific measuring machine. If several grid plates are used at the same time, machine downtimes are drastically reduced.

Our eMOBEE® robot platform is particularly lightweight thanks to its unique honeycomb core.

  • Best positioning system on the market, confirmed by the renowned German Fraunhofer Institute
  • Modular system to customize and create your own configuration
  • System-independent integration with all common software platforms
  • Light and stable honeycomb structure, maximum stability with minimum weight
  • Omnidirectional drive with lateral movements and 360° rotation possible

"We are proud to be able to offer a solution that blends particularly well into any environment - and we know that you will also enjoy driving the system yourself."

Head of Operations
Ingo Michel
Precise positioning
Autonomous drive
Simple integration

Use cases for innovative brands

DRÄXLMAIER, a guarantor of quality for high-quality interior components for many major automobile manufacturers, has been working intensively with FIXTURE TECH for several decades in the field of measurement recordings. In addition to the close cooperation, FIXTURE TECH's global experience plays a key role for the interior supplier when placing orders.
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AUDI customer
From a long-standing partnership with the traditional German brand AUDI, ground-breaking innovations have ultimately resulted in many standards in the field of fixture technology, which have since become part of the permanent component repertoire for car manufacturers worldwide. The latest development for the quality group: the resource-saving Multi Fixture, which impresses with its simplicity and clever flexibility.
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