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Revolutionize your loading processes

Precise positioning, easy integration, customizable

The intelligent eMOBEE robot efficiently transports components from A to B while providing smart support for loading processes in any industrial setting.


With FIXTURE TECH’s eMOBEE, the individual components affixed to the honeycomb grid plate is travel ready to move from the production line to the measuring lab and even to a designated measuring machine as scheduled. If multiple grid plates are used at the same time, then machine downtime is drastically reduced.

Our eMOBEE robotic platform is specifically lightweight thanks to its unique honeycomb core.


· Best positioning system on the market, as confirmed by the renowned German Fraunhofer Institute

· Modular system to customize and build your own configuration

· System independent integration with all current software platforms

· lightweight and stable honeycomb structure, maximum stability at minimum weight

· omnidirectional drive with lateral movements and 360° rotation possible

“We are proud to offer a solution which integrates particularly smart into any surrounding – and we know you will have fun to drive the system on your own, too.”

Head of Operations
Ingo Michel
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Precise Positioning
Autonomous drive
Easy integration

As a result of many years of partnership with the traditional German brand AUDI, new standards in the field of fixture technology have ultimately emerged thanks to groundbreaking innovations. These have since become part of the standard component manufacturing for car manufacturers worldwide. The latest development for the quality group is the resource-saving Multi Fixture, which offers real world solutions with its simplicity and clever flexibility.

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Rivian Electric Vehicles

The highly innovative automotive brand RIVIAN is using CARFIT fixtures together with the automated mobile system eMOBEE for optical inspection with modern optical scanning systems. The success and the improvement of quality assurance processes in the field of future-proof leading technologies impressively displays the impact of the chosen fixturing solutions on your overall results.

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