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Code of Conduct


Our actions are guided by integrity. This extends to our dealings with our customers, suppliers and employees* as well as the public. Both our strategic considerations and our day-to-day business are always based on high ethical and legal standards. Every individual at Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH shapes the style and thus the image of the company both internally and externally through their personal appearance, actions and behavior. Inappropriate behavior, even by just one employee, can cause considerable damage to the company. We are all required to take care of our company's public image. Honesty, sincerity and fairness are the standards for our dealings with each other and with our partners, customers, suppliers, employees and the public. Because sustainable growth is the goal of our work, we at Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH are not only interested in results, but also in how these results are achieved. We do not tolerate unlawful or unfair means or discriminatory behavior to achieve our goals. Our aim is to demand this standard from our suppliers and customers throughout the entire supply chain. Our Code of Conduct contains binding rules that apply equally to all of us. They oblige us to act accordingly and to refrain from doing anything that conflicts with these rules.


1. fundamentals

1.1 Law-abiding behavior

For Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH, compliance with the law is a top priority. We all undertake to comply with the statutory provisions of the legal systems in which we operate. Violations of the law must be avoided under all circumstances. The same applies to all applicable internal regulations that the company has adopted.

Every employee must expect disciplinary consequences in the event of a breach of their contractual obligations, regardless of the sanctions provided for by law.

If, despite all precautions and efforts, a breach of the law does occur, we cooperate fully with the authorities and ensure transparency.

1.2 Mutual respect, honesty and integrity

We respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every individual. We promote cooperation between diverse teams of different nationalities, cultures, religions, skin colors and genders. Furthermore, no one may
be harassed or discriminated against because of their race, skin color, nationality, origin, gender, sexual identity, faith, ideology, political views, age, physical constitution or appearance.

We are open and honest and stand by our responsibilities. We are reliable partners and only make promises that we can keep.

These principles apply both to internal cooperation and to conduct towards external persons.

We address breaches of conduct openly and directly, regardless of hierarchical levels.

2. basic rules of cooperation at Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH


2.1 Management, responsibility and supervision

Supervisors bear responsibility for the employees entrusted to them. They must earn their recognition through exemplary and personal behavior, performance, openness and social skills. They set clear, ambitious but achievable goals, lead with confidence and give their employees as much personal responsibility and freedom as possible.

Employees with management responsibility conscientiously fulfil the associated organizational and supervisory duties. This also includes actively communicating the Code of Conduct and ensuring that it is observed.

They are personally responsible for ensuring that there are no violations of laws and internal guidelines in their respective areas of responsibility.


2.2 Child labor, youth protection and slavery

Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH generally rejects child labor and any exploitation of children and young people. All regulations for the protection of young employees are complied with. Young people under the age of 18 are not employed at night or under dangerous conditions. We do not tolerate forced or slave labor or human trafficking.

We stand for freedom of association and the right to humane treatment in the workplace.


2.3 Employment contract, remuneration and working hours

All work performed at Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH is voluntary and is governed by an employment contract. Every employee can leave Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH at any time subject to the statutory and/or contractually agreed notice period.

We align ourselves with the existing collective wage agreements of IG Metall Saar. The minimum wage requirements are applied. Payment is made on a monthly basis. Every employee receives detailed and comprehensible information on the composition of their pay before starting work and for every payment.

Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH does not make illegal or unauthorized wage deductions, nor is wage deduction used as a disciplinary measure. Overtime is worked and paid on the basis of company agreements.

The working hours comply with the statutory regulations (e.g. Labor Act, Federal Leave Act, etc.) and are described in the employment contract. Overtime is voluntary in accordance with the company agreements.


2.4 Occupational safety

Responsibility towards employees demands the best possible precautions against accident risks. This applies to the technical planning of workplaces, facilities and processes as well as to safety management and personal behavior in everyday working life. The working environment must meet the requirements of preventive, health-oriented design.

Every employee is jointly responsible for occupational safety in their area. All occupational health and safety regulations must be strictly applied. Information from employees regarding deficiencies in occupational safety must be followed up by the relevant occupational safety specialists.

An emergency and hazard prevention plan is in place for emergency preparedness and hazard prevention. This is accessible to all employees and is constantly updated. If employees have any questions, they can contact the relevant occupational safety specialists.

Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH also has fire safety regulations. These are also always kept up to date for fire prevention and are accessible to all employees. If employees have any questions, they can contact the fire safety officer.


2.5 Dealing with company property

We handle the equipment and operating resources of Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH entrusted or provided to us with care and consideration. This includes regular care, maintenance and, if necessary, repair.

Unless otherwise stipulated by the company or individual contracts, the equipment and facilities in offices and workshops (e.g. telephone, photocopier, PC including software, machines, tools, etc.) may only be used for business purposes. Under no circumstances may information be accessed or passed on that incites racial hatred, glorifies violence or other criminal offenses or contains sexually offensive content.

The use of private equipment for business purposes is generally not permitted (e.g. recording with a private camera / video equipment, use of a private notebook). Exceptions to this are regulated separately (e.g. use of private cars for short trips).

We design our workplaces ergonomically. We carry out regular inspections to check the current situation and suggest improvements.

We provide our employees with the necessary personal protective equipment for the work they carry out. Our occupational safety specialist carries out random checks to ensure that the protective equipment is used properly and meets the required legal requirements.

In addition, we regularly train our employees on how to handle chemicals and hazardous substances. There is a separate warehouse for these substances. Every employee has access to the relevant data sheets. The occupational safety specialist checks these regularly.

We regularly carry out external audits of machine and equipment safety in our company. Equipment and machines that are deemed to be unsafe or have malfunctions must be reported immediately and without being asked to the supervisor or management and shut down. The occupational safety specialist then decides how to proceed with the device or machine

As part of our emergency response, we conduct regular and unannounced drills in which the disaster preparedness at the site is reviewed. The applicable emergency plans are reviewed annually and updated if necessary.

As part of accident management, accidents must be reported immediately to the supervisor and management. When using the first aid kit, an entry must be made in the first aid book.

3. dealing with business partners and third parties

3.1 Free competition

Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH is fully committed to competition by fair means and in particular to strict compliance with antitrust law. Even the appearance of restrictive behavior must be avoided. Every employee is obliged to comply with the rules of fair competition. The management must be informed of any misconduct by others.

In principle, all agreements between companies that restrict competition are prohibited. Even the mere exchange of information may be prohibited.


3.2 Fight against corruption

3.2.1 General information

Corruption cannot be accepted as an evil because of its destructive power for the economy and society as a whole. Corruption undermines the trust of citizens in the integrity and functioning of the economy and also causes considerable business and economic damage. Corruption within the meaning of this directive is any abuse of an official function to gain an advantage for oneself or a third party.

Our aim is not only to systematically pursue any cases of corruption that arise, but also to take preventative measures to counter corruption in the long term.

Sensitivity to the dangers of corruption is necessary in all areas of work. However, particular attention is required where information or decisions of particularly high material value are involved, for example because orders are awarded, contracts are concluded or the correct provision of services is monitored or checked. We distance ourselves from extortion and bribery in any form.

If there is a concrete suspicion of corruption, i.e. if there are indications of corrupt behavior that are not merely based on suspicion, the employee must inform the line manager immediately. The management must also be informed.


3.2.2 Offering and granting benefits

No employee may therefore offer or grant - directly or indirectly - unauthorized advantages to others in connection with business activities, whether in the form of monetary payments or other benefits.

Employees who conclude contracts with consultants, intermediaries, agents or comparable third parties must ensure that they do not offer or grant any unauthorized benefits. The appearance of personal bias must be avoided under all circumstances.

Invitations to appropriate business meals in accordance with the statutory regulations may be extended.


3.2.3 Requesting and accepting benefits, gifts and other advantages

No employee may use his or her official position to demand, accept, obtain or be promised benefits. The acceptance of gifts and other benefits is therefore generally prohibited.

So-called promotional items that are handed out to customers in larger quantities (e.g. lanyard, ballpoint pen, calendar, notepad, chocolate, chocolates) with a low value can be accepted and remain in the department.

If gifts or benefits cannot be refused with regard to the business relationship, they must be reported to the line manager. The management decides on their use


3.3 Avoiding conflicts of interest

We make business decisions free from extraneous considerations for the benefit of Fixture Tech Solutions. In order to rule out conflicts of interest in our actions from the outset, the following rules apply:

Any personal or family interest that may exist in connection with the performance of official duties must be reported to the disciplinary superior.

Suppliers may not be favored or hindered in the competition for orders for personal or other irrelevant reasons.

The supervision of suppliers or other service providers who work for Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH and who also work or are to work privately for the supervising employee is to be avoided.

Any secondary employment of an employee requires the express prior consent of the Human Resources Department of Fixture Tech Solutions. Secondary employment for a company that also has a business relationship with Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH is not permitted.

If there is a recognizable risk of a conflict of interest, the employee concerned shall inform his or her superior of this without being asked.

4. confidentiality and data protection

4.1 Protection of secrets

We handle the data and information entrusted to us with care and discretion. We know that the know-how and business secrets of Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH and the companies working with Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH are valuable and must be protected.

We therefore observe our internal regulations for the protection of confidential information and business secrets and only disclose internal information to third parties to the extent necessary and permissible.

Confidentiality must be maintained in particular with regard to internal matters of our company and our partners that have not been made public or that are not absolutely necessary for the specific task in cooperation with business partners (e.g. suppliers, service providers, consulting companies). This includes, for example, details relating to the organization of the company and its facilities as well as business, manufacturing, research and development processes and internal reporting figures. The obligation to maintain confidentiality continues to apply even after termination of the employment relationship. The basis of any trusting and effective cooperation is a commitment to truthfulness. This applies equally to the relationship with shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, the public and all government agencies. All records and reports that are prepared internally or disclosed externally must be accurate and truthful. In accordance with the principles of proper accounting, data entries and other records must always be complete, correct, timely and system-compliant.


4.2 Data protection and data security

The protection of personal data and compliance with the data protection regulations applicable to Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH is important to us. We therefore comply in particular with the European General Data Protection Regulation and the German Federal Data Protection Act and ensure that the applicable principles for the processing of personal data are observed at all times. This is regularly audited by our data protection officer. All employees can contact him directly if they have any questions about data protection.

We take all necessary measures to protect the personal data we collect or process. Personal data may only be collected, processed or used insofar as this is necessary for specified, clear and legitimate purposes.

5 Sustainability and social responsibility

5.1 Environment and technical safety

Our company is committed to protecting our environment and declares the careful use of resources and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency to be a central factor in our business activities. The following voluntary commitments apply:

Careful treatment of the environment and the careful and economical use of all resources, including energy, regulated recycling and disposal, are mandatory for our actions. In this way, we avoid or minimize the impact on people, the environment and nature and continuously improve our energy-related performance

We comply with relevant legal obligations relating to environmental protection and energy efficiency

We take the requirements of an intact environment into account when developing and designing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping our products, as well as when improving the associated business activities. In addition, we consider the improvement of energy efficiency when designing products, buildings and systems

Our principle is maximum efficiency in the use of resources, while maintaining sustainable profitability

Violations of applicable regulations can not only harm people and the environment, but also cause lasting damage to the company's success (e.g. through loss of reputation, fines).


5.2 Quality management

Fixture Tech Solutions GmbH attaches great importance to the quality of its products and services. These obligations are laid down in our procedures and work instructions and are binding for all our employees. We have a management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and audit it regularly.


5.3 Social responsibility

We see ourselves as a responsible, important employer at our location and take the associated social and regional responsibility seriously. We do this through open communication and active commitment to the region. We are an integral part of public life in our regions and a constructive point of contact for society.

We expect our suppliers to act sustainably with respect for people, animals, plants and the environment.

6. reporting of violations

6.1 Contact in the event of violations

Every employee is obliged to inform their disciplinary superior or the management, without being asked, of circumstances that indicate a breach of the Code of Conduct. The same applies to all circumstances that indicate violations with regard to the quality of our products. Any employee can address concerns or complaints about discriminatory behavior directly to the management. Each case will be thoroughly investigated. Appropriate action will be taken where appropriate. All reports and documents will be treated confidentially.

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